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Savannah Georgia Area Accommodations

Savannah is a Bed & Breakfast paradise with over 40 of these wonderful little inns spread out all over the city. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices, but for the most part all have world-class accommodations and excellent amenities. Many of them are on River Street and in the Historic District, giving you the feeling that you have truly gone back in time when you glance out the window and onto a scene that looks like it was stolen out of an American History textbook. Of course they have all the modern conveniences so you can immerse yourself in old-time luxury without foregoing your iPad or laptop computer.

Of course Savannah has most of the larger national chain Hotels too, and a variety of incredibly luxurious boutique hotels to boot. There’s a style for everyone who comes to visit, from newlyweds looking for honeymoon memories to families with kids, business travelers and everyone in between. The fact is, in Savannah they know what it takes to make you feel right at home even if you are far from home, and you’re sure to sleep like a baby while you’re there.

One of the best in the city, Roussell’s Garden Bed & Breakfast in the Historic District is a gorgeous Victorian home that was built by the Puder family in 1888 and a lovely example of Queen Anne architecture.

For the honeymoon couple it’s got to be the Foley House Inn, a romantic B & B composed of two historic inns that face lovely Chippewa Square in the very center of the city.

No matter where you decide to stay in Savannah, the city is so charming and easy to get around that you’ll feel like you have been there all your life. Most of the hosts will help you to fashion your own program to see and experience the city’s treasures and hidden gems, and will welcome you back each night with open arms and comfortable beds.

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